Mid Canada Transload Services is a unique facility strategically located just north of the US border at Emerson, Manitoba.  MCTS specializes in the transloading of all agricultural products, food grade products, organic products,  and industrial or manufactured products.

We have daily rail service with two class 1 railways,  Canadian National (CN) and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railways. We are located one hour from Winnipeg, MB and 1 hour from Grand Forks, N.D..  With direct access to highway 75, our location is ideal for all shipments heading east, west or south.  This allows us to provide end to end multi-model solutions for freight throughout North America in a cost-effective manner.  Our location is at a 24 hour border crossing which is the main corridor for commercial trucks entering or leaving western Canada.

About Us

Mid Canada Transload Services Ltd. is one of the largest privately owned inland ports in Manitoba and came into operation in 2020. The 250-acre site offers 2 miles of track siding with a grain handling facility and lots of space for transloading other products.  On site is a 10,000 square foot office/warehouse and a 10,000 square foot truck maintenance shop. There are currently plans to construct a third track for additional warehousing and secure outdoor storage opportunities.

Mid Canada Transload Services Ltd. will handle all commodities and manufactured products that ship into and out of Manitoba.

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MCTS also has a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse, for storing products. A 10,000 square foot heavy truck maintenance workshop with an indoor truck wash are onsite and will available spring 2021 for commercial use.

Director of Sales - Mark Dixon

Our Facility Accommodates

  • Bulk railcar & truck transloading
  • Packaging, toting & warehousing
  • Bulk shipping & storage bins
  • Bulk bag container loading/unloading
  • Custom warehousing and storage

Services we provide

  • Transload Bulk Products from Truck to Railcar / Railcar to Truck
  • Transload Bulk Products to Storage
  • Handle & Transport Products
  • Custom Packaging & Cleaning

Future Services

Questions or Inquiries?

If you have any questions or business inquiries, contact us.